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We introduce the main projects of FabLab West harima!

  • Making CNC Machining (R&D)

    Image title Fab Lab West harima made Digico-MILL48 that is completely original CNC machining, was produced from planning, designing, manufacturing to installation.

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  • Making CNC Machining (with KDU)

    Image title In FY2023, we collaborated with students and faculty members of Kobe Design University(KDU) for making the Large CNC Machining (Digico-MILL48) Version 6.

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  • Making Laser cutting machine

    Image title February 2023 Fab Lab West harima's original CO2 laser processing machine was planned, designed, manufactured, and delivered to Rokkosan Creative Lab!

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  • Fab Academy

    Image title 2 our members from Fab Lab West harima took Fab Academy2023, and graduated in July 2023!

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  • Maker Faire

    Image title Fab Lab West harima ran a booth with FabLab Kitakagaya and FabLab Kobe at an exhibition of "Hamamatsu Micro Maker Faire 2023"!

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    Image title Fab Lab West harima has been conducting workshops using the open source OTTO DIY.

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