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OTTO DIY workshop

Fablab West harima has been conducting workshops using the open source OTTO DIY since around 2020. Through the workshops, we continue to improve parts that are difficult to assemble.

What is Otto DIY?

Otto DIY is an open source robot. The assembly itself does not require any special tools and can be assembled in a few hours using a screwdriver. It can be programmed using a block editor and other tools, making it ideal as an introductory programming learning material. The robot is full of manufacturing elements, from assembling mechanical and electronic parts to controlling the robot through programming.

OTTO DIY official:

OTTO DIY workshop 2020 DEC

In December 2020, a workshop on "Program using Otto Assembly and Otto Blockly" was held at FabLab West harima.

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OTTO DIY workshop with Toyooka city

In February 2021, Toyooka City Hall and FabLab Nishi harima jointly held a workshop on "Program using Otto Assembly and Otto Blockly. About 13 children from 3rd grade elementary school to 2nd grade junior high school enjoyed learning. At the end of the workshop, each child decorated his or her own Otto. The colorful OTTOs were completed. (Too bad I forgot to take a picture of the finished product.)

Because of the COVID- 19 pandemic, all meetings were conducted online, even during preparation for the event. The Toyooka City staff and FabLab West harima cooperated with each other to identify areas of concern on the day of the event and to make improvements and countermeasures on both sides. We are grateful to the Toyooka City staff for their smooth cooperation.

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