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  • You will learn the operation and rules for each piece of equipment in the lab.
  • Those who have not used the equipment for a long period of time and have forgotten how to operate it are required to take a refresher course.

Use Machines

  • Please make a reservation to use the equipment in the lab.
  • A fee will be charged for the use of the equipment.
  • Consumables and materials for each piece of equipment to be used must be purchased by the user.
  • Some equipment requires the presence of a staff member.

Advance preparation

  • Please prepare data in advance before using the machines.
  • Please consult us in advance regarding requests for making data, etc.
  • Prepare and check materials.
  • Note that some materials cannot be used depending on the machines

Introduction of machines and tools at FabLab West harima below.

1.CNC Machining

1-1 ) Digico-MILL48 Version 5

  • A large wood router for building furniture and housing
  • Fab Lab West harima Completely Original Machine
    -->more details

Image title

machine spec Description
Processable materials Wood, Processable materials (Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PVC, etc), aluminum
Work area About 1300 mm(w) x 2500 mm (L) x 150 mm (H)
Feed rate 1-3000 mm/min
Spindle speed max 18000 r/min

2.CNC milling

2-1) Roland MODERA model MDX-40A

  • High-precision milling machine for cutting chemical wood (fake wood), resin, light metals, etc.
  • Example: On-site rapid circuit prototyping
  • MDX-40 (Update to MDX-40A)
    Image title

  • Manual (English)

  • Manual (Japanese)
machine spec Description
Cuttable material Resins such as chemical wood and modeling wax (metal not sup- ported)
Work area 305 (x) x 305 (y) x 105 (z) mm
Workpiece table size Width x depth: 305 × 305 mm
Loadable workpiece weight 4kg
Operating speed XY axis: 7 to 3000 mm/min.
Z axis: 7 to 1800 mm/min.
Spindle Motor DC brushless motor, max 100W
Spindle rotation 4,500 to 15,000 rpm
Overall Machine Size 669 x 760 x 554 mm
Software resolution 0.01mm/step (RML-1)
0.001mm/step (NC code)
Control command sets RML-1, NC code
Computer Model preinstalled with Windows 7, Vista (32/64-bit edition) or XP, or upgraded computer originally preinstalled with Windows XP or later

3. A laser cutter

  • Cut and engrave paper, wood, acrylic and other board materials

3-1) LED Laser

  • For engraving wood and other materials
    Image title

3-2) FABOOL Laser CO2, 40W

  • For engraving wood and acrylic, other materials
  • Some materials such as chloride are not available. Image title

4.Cutting Machine

4.1)silhouetter CAMEO 3

  • Cutting sheets and paper cutting
  • Sticker production, paper craft, substrate production (copper film), stencil plate production, etc.

Image title

machine spec Description
Attachable paper size 304.8 mm (12inch) / 215.4mm (LETTER) / 210 mm (A4)
cut Speed Max 100 mm/s
cut pressure Max 2.1 N (210 gf)
Number of pens that can be attached 2
Cuttable materials Film: Thickness 0.1 mm or less (excluding high-intensity reflective film)
[Paper] Kent paper 157 g / m2, drawing paper, postcards, scrapbooking paper, inkjet photo paper, 0.5 mm thick paper
OS Windows 10 / 8.1, Mac OS X 10.10 or higher

5. 3D printer(3DP)

  • Resin and other materials are output as three-dimensional objects based on 3D data.

5-1) VORON 2

  • Fused Deposition Modeling
  • Hi Speed 3DP
  • Open Source 3DP
    Image title

5-2) Anycubic Mega-3

  • Fused Deposition Modeling
    Image title

5-3) Any Cubic PHOTON

  • Stereo Lithography Apparatus  
  • Resin 3D printer  
  • Allergies Caution

Image title

5-4) Form3

  • LFS(Low Force Stereolithography)
  • Industrial-quality resin 3D printer
  • Allergies Caution

Image title


6-1) mini-router

  • PROXXON mini-router set MM100 No.28525-S
    alt text

6-2) Airbrush

  • AIRTEX Airbrush
    Beauti4+ 0.3mm XP-B4B
    alt text

6-3) Hand Tool

  • Various tools
    alt text