Fab Lab West harima

Welcome to a place where you can freely enjoy "making (almost) anythings".

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About us

About us

FabLab West harima (operating entity: Digico LLC) started in March 2017 in Sayo-cho, located in the western part of Hyogo Prefecture. With the cooperation of the local community, we operate in a room of a closed elementary school.

It's a place where adults and children alike can freely create things.
By giving back the skills we have acquired to the community, we hope to train as many engineers as possible and create as many companies as possible from the community.

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About Fab Lab

What's Fab Lab?

FabLab is a network of experimental citizen workshops equipped with a variety of digital and analog machine tools."Fab" is a word coined from the words "Fabrication" and "Fabulous," and it aims to expand the possibilities of individual freedom in making things and to foster a culture in which "people make what they use by themselves.


Main Projects

The main projects of FabLab Nishi harima are introduced below.