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Making Laser cutting machine

Making CO2 Laser cutting machine

February 2023 FabLab West harima's original CO2 laser processing machine was planned, designed, manufactured, and delivered to Rokkosan Creative Lab! alt text

1. Machine Spec

Machine spec Description
Processable materials MDF, Wood, rubber, cork, plastic, paper, leather
(*Note: Excluding materials banned for use)
Work area About 900 mm(w) x 600 mm (L)
Controller RuiDa Controller
Control Software RUIDA RDWorks Software, LightBurn

Materials banned:

materials banned Example     Danger
chloride Vinyl chloride board, etc. Generation of toxic gases, rust to machinery
Mirror/mirror-finished objects - The laser reflects and makes a hole in the machine, Possibility of loss of eyesight and injury
Highly flammable      Explosives and highly flammable materials (Spray cans, batteries, paint, etc.) Fire & Explosion
Fluorine-containing materials Fluorine-containing tapes, rubber sheets, etc.        Generation of toxic gases

2. Developer

3. Where to Buy Parts

Title Where to purchase
Mechanical parts MISUMI
Mechanical parts(Original parts) MISUMI Meivy
Electrical/Contorol parts AliExpress, VITAL system, HICON, GECKODRIVE

4. Test

  • Engraving(material:wood) alt text

  • Engraving(material: alumite) alt text

  • Cutting(basswood plywood thickness:5mm)- Video