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Maker Faire

Hamamatsu Micro Maker Faire2023

Fab Lab West harima, Fab Lab Kitakagaya, and Fab Lab Kobe ran a booth at an exhibition of "Hamamatsu Micro Maker Faire 2023"!

The "OTTO DIY Robot" and "Flapping Airplane" were demonstrated with movement, and the "Run Time Checker" was demonstrated with sound and how move. We were able to successfully demonstrate our products to many people.

Some people were amused by the original boards created by FabAcademy for explaining each FabLab location, which made us smile.

It was an enjoyable first exhibition for us, as we were able to interact with many unique makers!

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Video: Original board made by Hiroe Takeda, FabAcademy2023

  • Event Overview:

    • Date:December 2, 2023(Sat)13:00-17:00
    • Venue:Hamamatsu Science Museum
    • Admission: Free
  • Display items:

    • FabLab West harima : 「Run Time Checker」(FabAcademy2023のFinal Project)
    • FabLab Kobe: OTTO DIY
    • FabLab Kitakagaya: A flappingwing
  • What is Maker Faire?

    • The festival is a place for "Makers" who use new technologies (card-sized educational computers, 3D printers, AI, etc.) that are now available to everyone, as well as a variety of materials and materials with unique ideas, to create unique products that surprise everyone and that cannot be mass-produced, but that each and every one of us really wants. This is a festival for "Makers" who use various materials and raw materials with unique ideas to create something unique and surprising to everyone. Various makers from all over the world will gather for exhibitions and demonstrations. At all booths, you can freely ask questions to the makers about their creations.
  • What is Micro Maker Faire?

    • This is a compact, casual, one-day event where makers and people who want to become makers can interact with each other in locations where Maker Faire has not been held before.

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